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Yearly Review

My Tenacious Reader,

Welcome to our Blog again. Today’s a very short, public facing recap on the past 12 months worth of Articles’ and Francesco Altomare – Cloud Architect’s
Operations, so we won’t go into any technical detail for once.

We trust the past 12 months of Operations have been fruitful for everybody, including you, and we’re very proud to say that if we look back 12 months
we can see many things have changed – in a positive way: we’ve been studying and learning a lot, especially in some of the 7 key Consultancy areas
we promote through this Website, as well as some more – Monitoring and Log Analysis’ Industry in the first place, Hosting in the second place,
and more Segments still. We’re all one year older, the Internet as we know it is also one year older (the WWW turned 21 this year), Technologies we
discussed through our Articles are all one year older and many newer Trends are being set as we’re speaking, dethronizing older established ones. Things
are moving blazingly fast, at unprecedented pace, we sometimes sit and wonder what would happen if the Internet fell apart – do you think it’ll
ever fall apart at all? Or rather, do you see this unifying Trend called “convergence” as something temporary, something which will crumble down the
day we’ll all stand up and create our own tech Standards? We sit and wonder what would happen, what may happen that day. 

Putting that aside for a moment, we’ve seen our Blog increase in terms of traffic and interaction organically in the past 12 months. We study what
our Reader tells us by mailing us, calling us or by just navigating through our pages, and we’ve seen a decent interest in the Articles MiniSeries
we’ve created , as well as all of the “standalone” Articles, especially in the beginning. To make it crystal clear for you, we never thought of our
Blog as of something to compete in the Technical Niches we daily deal with: rather, our Articles and MiniSeries are solely meant to make you closer
to the realms of Operations we dwell into, to make you a little bit more familiar with high level concepts pertaining to our space.

In no way can we tell how the whole Internet, let alone our relevant Industries, will evolve on a day to day basis, and that for several reasons:

– First of all, we haven’t enough firepower to keep you glued to the monitor every single day. We are very tied into our Operations and we barely manage
to write a couple of Articles a  month;

– Second of all, for although we do have a personal view on the evolution of our Industry Segments moving forward, we aren’t going to make it public. We
aren’t a scandalistic magazine, nor are we Vendors, so we have no interest at promoting one Brand at someone else’s expense; we promote Technology
in all forms and urge you to keep on studying and testing Technology so to make your own mind up on it;

– Third of all, this Blog is meant to expand on the 7 key Areas of Consultancy we provide – we barely provided an Introduction to three of them (if even),
so the very focus of these Articles is explaining what we offer on our Homepage as a Freelancer Consultant.

Back to today’s main Topic, we are now preparing a roadmap for the next 12 months of Operations; for in the reality we are very busy with our
Technical Operations, in this tiny virtual space of ours, and for the next 12 months, we’ll endeavour to cover (always at an Introductory level):

– Security (in particular Cloud Security, Server Security, Network Security);
– Search Engine Optimization;
– Content Delivery Networks;
– Website Speed Optimization.

Four large key Areas which we can hardly believe to cover into only 24 Articles, a challenge we’re happy to be up to, an ever changing Industry space
which will make our Articles obsolete soon enough sadly. That is why we’ll try to convey concepts , not scorecards: we haven’t the privilege to
live and operate in a branch where something holds true forever, and therefore the best we can do about it is informing you, my Dear Reader, about
the Basics. If you want more details on what we talk about into our Articles, as always, you’re welcome to contact us; as for the rest, this Blog will
stay as a virtual Brochure on our Services.

Another relevant element we’ll change into this Webiste’s equation will be its Hosting and underlying Technology: we want to make your surfing
smoother, more interactive and funnier, and the only way to do so is to retain total control over our virtual assets. Today’s unfortunately not the
case, for although we’re sitting on the Ultra Performant Adobe’s Business Catalyst’s Platform, things change over time and we also want to make this
Webiste more elastic moving forward towards 2016. This is therefore something we’re forewarning you about: before 12 months from now, a new Platform
and a new Hosting for us all.

We are likely to also introduce additional key Consultancy areas to the seven mentioned since last year on our Website, but as always, before we get
to do that, we would love to expand on the basics of the seven stated up on the top of our Homepage, and before we get there, one more year will surely
have passed by.

Needless to say, there’s so much more to this “changelog” above than stated, but for today we’ll make it shorter than usual and bid you farewell to our
“Anno Due” of Operations. So long, my Dear Reader.  

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