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Welcome to my first Blog post!

Dear Reader,

Welcome to my first Blog post!
This Blog is part of Francesco Altomare – Cloud Architect as a Website and stems out of the cooperation and effort with JoroDesign .
All Credits for you, therefore, visualizing these words of ours go to JoroDesign in the first place. JoroDesign has been working relentlessly on our Website to let us share content with you today, in a dynamic and social fashion.
Following Credits are for you, bearing with us for occasional typos or grammatical somersaults every now and then.

Who We Are

We are Francesco Altomare Cloud Architect, a fine Italian gentleman writing from Berlin – as of spring 2014 that is.
We have been expatriates for 10+ years and worked our way through all Cloud Services’ Generations from Scotland, Bavaria and Berlin now during most of this decade.
If you asked us, we’d even disclose there have been times we were Beekeepers, but then again we won’t tell you that, lest it affect our Blogging or Professional relationship anyhow. And yes, we’ll never forget keeping bees anyways.
We are, ultimately, a Freelance IT Consultant specializing in all that is Cloud; we are working with Clients and Partners , shaping tomorrow’s World Wide Web landscape, delivering always more bits and bytes from anywhere to anywhere. We always welcome technical challenges, and as per the Services Section on this Website we’ve grown fond of some particular areas we really deal with on an ordinary basis.
The World Wide Web is anything but ordinary: at best, it’s a 20 year-old punk revolutionizing himself and following his own generational trends, so you can forget about predicting it. Putting things into perspective, we’re not able to predict where the World Wide Web will be in 5, or 10 years.
The best we can do about it, is evolving with it, knowing where we are today and what unfolds to us as we move forward.
Here we are: hyperconnected, overly present (though availability is not a skill), amidst all hottest worldwide Networks and their respective pitfalls and “battlefields”, happy to tell you more about it?
That’s right.
We are passionate about what we do, and as per our Services Section there are a few areas we really deal with ordinarily; we are in the Cloud. Now whatever that means to you (and I know how much words like Cloud or Big Data are ab-used nowadays) we won’t really care, we’ll tell you how the Cloud looks like from our side.
Public Clouds, Private Clouds, Hybrid Clouds, and then again Streaming in the Cloud, assessing Security in the Cloud, using DNS in the Cloud, and all the fancy Protocols, Technologies, Monitoring Systems, really anything that is distributed or dispersed, that’s what we like to consult on a daily basis.
Of course, we have lots of other interests [amongst which beekeeping] but we’ll refrain from going off the IT Cloud track on this Website.

Why our Blog

We feel compelled to share something with you, anything we find interesting – and Cloud – with you in this Blog.
We’re passionate about what we do and we trust much of today’s abuse with “Cloud” (and “Big Data” and so on… ) as a word has to do with too scarce perspectives on things from inside of it.
You will counter: “Wait! Everybody talks about the Cloud! ”. That’s right indeed.
On the one hand, we strongly encourage sharing of Knowledge in general and bookmarking as many relevant sources of Knowledge as a Best Practice; on the other hand, ours is a privileged point of sight, working with Clouds and speeding up the Web as a Professional mission.
Everybody talks about his or her own Cloud as a Vendor, and especially as a Marketer: now THAT is also true.
There are just so many Proprietary – and Open Source – Technologies out there today, and all you get back all of the time is marketing material and slogans right? Well, nothing wrong with it!
Here instead, we’ll look at and blog about Cloud Technologies comparatively: it shouldn’t surprise you that many of our most complex daily Operations involve more and more of these Technologies blended together.
This will be, at its core, our Blog’s contribution to the World Wide Web: technical Posts about challenges, tricks, gossips, studies, delivery workflows, Brand Technologies, pitfalls, frequently asked questions, comparisons, war bulletins, insights, … and whatnot : all from within the Cloud.
We are not sure who you are, my dear Reader, so in this Blog we’ll go by assuming that you are nowadays exposed to some Cloud talk of kind and you may have landed on our Blog searching for something Cloud specific. We’d be honored to be the ones bringing you by the hand through lightning and thunders, safe through all Clouds.
We are going to do that on a professional level and we are also going to do that on a personal level with you; we’ll strive to be as light-weight and conversational as possible, though we are not supposed to, given the rather intricate nature of any given Cloud.
We’re going to sound easy enough and try not to bore you, whoever you are my dear Reader; still, we’re going to reason about technical topics and we hope you’ll find them as fascinating as we do.

How can you leave feedback

…Which is why it is so important for us to know about you!
Yes – You can leave comments!
Yes – We encourage comments!
Yes – We encourage disagreement!
We’ve put some fair effort into making this Website as “Social” as possible, in order to give you as many means to interact with us as possible. As we are writing, you can consume our Blog’s content – and interact with it – via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ , as well as the Blog’s own interface and good ole email. Of course you can also ping us on Skype – provided you have our contact or send us carrier pigeons with your message, use messages in a bottle or do smoke signals. We can’t, however, confirm the last three are checked on a regular basis; as for the rest, they all pretty regularly are.
We encourage your feedback and – even more than that – your disagreement with us and what we’re posting; our very intent is to share Knowledge around the Cloud so you are welcome to rectify us, disagree with us, or expand on what we post.
We don’t encourage swearing or off-topics, and that is why we will moderate Comments, but not Likes or Shares or Re-tweets.
If you don’t see your Comment showing up right after you’ve posted it don’t go panic: we are likely about to review it and promote it as soon as possible; if you don’t see it appear after one week from posting it we’ve likely not promoted it, but feel free to contact us privately to find out why.
We don’t encourage anonymity: although in the Web everything is as fake as it can get, we would like to know your First and Last Name, ideally also a means for reaching back to you. We aren’t going to ask you for an ID nor are we going to send secret agents after you: we rather want Knowledge to circulate as freely and authoritatively as possible.
Any feedback of yours will therefore be made authoritative by your Name and a means to reach back to you for more of it.

These are Francesco Altomare Cloud Architect‘s Blog Policies and guidelines: updates and/or corrections to them will come in as we grow together.
Sections will likewise be added to the above mentioned ones and we’d like to re-invite you to leave us your feedback , ideally directly ask us what to blog about as it pertains to the Cloud and we’ll be happy to!
I wish you, dear Reader, a great day and thank you for your patience again for visiting us.

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