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Streaming is, in principle, delivering extended feeds of Live/OD Data to one or more Clients; any Article having to do with Streaming is categoryzed here.

Streaming: The HLS Version 4 hype, and the whole truth about it #9

Welcome back my Broadcasting Reader, We’ve thought to apply a first Addendum to our Streaming Mini-Series, specifically to HLS as a HTTP chunked Delivery technology; this Article partly supersedes our previous ones on HLS and the difference between HLS and HDS, as well as what we mentioned about MPEG-DASH ‘s intrinsic advantages over HLS. The reasons why we…

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Streaming: Security #8

My arguably cleverer Reader, Welcome back to the last Article of our Streaming Introductory Mini-Series: we set on a hard sail together 5 months ago only to find ourselves back to the Basics, over and over again. Because what is Streaming, my Dear Reader, without Security ? Security is the Zeitgeist (more than ever nowadays) and…

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Streaming: HTTP Progressive Downloads #7

My Devoted Reader, Welcome back to our 7th and second last appointment with our Streaming Introduction Mini-Series, and the Streaming Technologies. You may say: ”Hey! What is the deal with WMS Streaming, RTSP Streaming, ShoutCast, IceCast and so on?” You’re right indeed , my Reader, we are going to leave all other Streaming Formats/Technologies/Protocols out…

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Streaming: MPEG-DASH #6

My Voracious Reader, Welcome back to our Blog and our sixth appointment with our Streaming Mini Series; it’s been five Articles since we took off on our journey through the Streaming panorama’s complexity and to be totally frank with you – which we are, we barely scraped the surface. We expect another three Articles –…

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Streaming: Microsoft SmoothStreaming #5

My thirsty Reader, It has been over a month since our last Article on Francesco Altomare – Cloud Architect was posted; during this time, and without fore-warning you, Francesco Altomare has been busier than ever through several international Events and especially, some little craved time off an Internet Connection.  We all disconnect, at some point;…

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Streaming: Adobe HDS VS HLS – Which is better? #4

My Dear Reader, Thanks for checking us back again! As a short recap on our Streaming Mini-Series so far, we’ve started by analyzing the overall difference between Streaming Technologies and Progressive Downloads (something we still owe a proper introduction to, and we’ll cover as we move forward) , and then started our journey through Streaming…

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Streaming: Whats HDS HTTP Dynamic Streaming #3

My Dear Reader,

Our Streaming MiniSeries continues today; after our grand opening with RTMP and our second Article regarding HLS (or HTTP Live Streaming) , our focus today is all around HDS (or HTTP Dynamic Streaming). For although HLS sounds very much of a compromise between Adobe and Apple, HDS is instead all about HTTP Streaming…

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