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Internet Security is, in principle, a set of Best Practices to defend your online assets; any Article having to do with Security is categoryzed here.

Security: PCI Compliance and Regulations #8

Welcome back my DNS-overridden Reader, As the closing Article for our Security MiniSeries, today we’re going to introduce you to PCI Compliance and Regulations. For although we haven’t but scraped the surface of Security as a Field, this journey started together over 4 months ago and hopefully laid the basis for further, more advanced Articles…

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Security: DNS, or “the weakest ring of the chain” #7

Good evening my maliciously redirected Reader, As the second last Article of our Security excursus we’d like to focus on DNS today: we love DNS and agree that most people overlook it when it comes to hardening their assets: still, DNS represents the first and weakest step in most Client to Server communications! We’ll therefore cater…

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Security: OWASP Top 10 Attack Vectors #6

Welcome back our sensitive-data-transmitting Reader, We hope that you enjoyed our last Article on highly virtualized Environments and their vulnerabilities, and so it is that we get on with yet another Article on Attack Vectors (remember our walk in Attack Vectors Park?). This time it is the last from our introductory excursus on Attack Vectors, not…

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Security: SDN Exposed Layer by Layer #5

Welcome back my DDoSed Reader, We hope that you genuinely enjoyed our latest excursus on CDNs and Security hactics when it comes to dealing with highly redundant, impenetrable (so it is claimed) Architectures. Today instead, we’ll walk a little bit away from there and enter another Realm, the one of SDN, or Software Defined Networking, and look…

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Security: CDNs and larger scale Tactics #4

Welcome back my Virus infected Reader, We hope that you enjoyed our “walk in Attack Vectors Park” last time episode, where we explored some of the evergreen tactics and strategies to harm a destination Host in a Cloud environment; today we’ll bring this one step further and introduce Content Delivery Networks in the Cloud Security equation….

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Security: A walk in Attack Vectors Park #3

Welcome back my maliciously-targeted Reader, As we continue in our introductory journey through the Cloud Security landscapes; today we’ll go green and have a stroll together through Attack Vectors Park. Unlike our previous appointment with Botnets – largely hitting End Consumers to grow in size and then divert their footprint against a Target – , today’s…

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Security: Botnets, or The Plague Of Cloud Computing #2

Welcome back my plagued-by-Bots-and/or-Botnets Reader, It’s no surprise that you can’t really relate your Google Analytics data with your Server Access Logs and User Interaction KPIs, and it’s no surprise that you have such an inexplicably high Bounce Rate either: most of your traffic doesn’t derive by humans nowadays no more! It was so different back…

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