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DNS is, in principle, an Internet Protocol resolving Internet Domain Names to IP Addresses ; any Article having to do with CDNs is categoryzed here.

Security: DNS, or “the weakest ring of the chain” #7

Good evening my maliciously redirected Reader, As the second last Article of our Security excursus we’d like to focus on DNS today: we love DNS and agree that most people overlook it when it comes to hardening their assets: still, DNS represents the first and weakest step in most Client to Server communications! We’ll therefore cater…

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Security: OWASP Top 10 Attack Vectors #6

Welcome back our sensitive-data-transmitting Reader, We hope that you enjoyed our last Article on highly virtualized Environments and their vulnerabilities, and so it is that we get on with yet another Article on Attack Vectors (remember our walk in Attack Vectors Park?). This time it is the last from our introductory excursus on Attack Vectors, not…

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Security: CDNs and larger scale Tactics #4

Welcome back my Virus infected Reader, We hope that you enjoyed our “walk in Attack Vectors Park” last time episode, where we explored some of the evergreen tactics and strategies to harm a destination Host in a Cloud environment; today we’ll bring this one step further and introduce Content Delivery Networks in the Cloud Security equation….

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Streaming: Security #8

My arguably cleverer Reader, Welcome back to the last Article of our Streaming Introductory Mini-Series: we set on a hard sail together 5 months ago only to find ourselves back to the Basics, over and over again. Because what is Streaming, my Dear Reader, without Security ? Security is the Zeitgeist (more than ever nowadays) and…

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The China Delivery Case

Everyone here in the West today talks about – or reads about – the impressive economic developments in China, either in a good or bad way, or even both at times. On the one hand China is one of the most attractive destinations for Online (and not only Online) Businesses with its ever growing, though…

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New TLDs from the outer Domain Space

My Dear Reader, It’s been well almost fifty days since the last Post on our Blog; we reckon it must have been shockingly hard for you to survive without our juice-filled, insightful Posts and irony apart, we’re back inbetween two travel trips to delight you further with an excursion on TLDs, or Top Level Domains….

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DNS: HTTP and CDNs #3

My Dear Reader, Welcome back to the third and last Article (for the time being) on our DNS Mini Series; in our Previous Posts “DNS: The Basics #1” and “DNS: Intermediate Aspects #2” we covered an Introduction to DNS as a Protocol and explored some Intermediate Aspects of it, both as pertaining to your DNS…

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