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Caching is, in principle, all about applying a middle layer between two communicating ends; any Article having to do with caching is categoryzed here.

Website Performance: Meet Squid

Welcome back my advanced caching Reader, Today we’ll present you the Squid. Squid is a very fast caching proxy program. Basically, it acts as an agent, accepting requests from clients (for example, browsers) and directing them to the fitting Internet Server. It keeps a copy of the returned data in an on-disk Cache. The genuine…

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Website Perfomance: Meet Varnish

Welcome back my uncompressed delivering Reader, After our journey together through Security notions, today we’re back to explore optimized Delivery in the Web; when we say optimized, we mainly talk about the possibility for End Users to consume as much content of yours as they find interesting, without having to deal with all bottlenecks in the…

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Security: CDNs and larger scale Tactics #4

Welcome back my Virus infected Reader, We hope that you enjoyed our “walk in Attack Vectors Park” last time episode, where we explored some of the evergreen tactics and strategies to harm a destination Host in a Cloud environment; today we’ll bring this one step further and introduce Content Delivery Networks in the Cloud Security equation….

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Streaming: The HLS Version 4 hype, and the whole truth about it #9

Welcome back my Broadcasting Reader, We’ve thought to apply a first Addendum to our Streaming Mini-Series, specifically to HLS as a HTTP chunked Delivery technology; this Article partly supersedes our previous ones on HLS and the difference between HLS and HDS, as well as what we mentioned about MPEG-DASH ‘s intrinsic advantages over HLS. The reasons why we…

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Streaming: HTTP Progressive Downloads #7

My Devoted Reader, Welcome back to our 7th and second last appointment with our Streaming Introduction Mini-Series, and the Streaming Technologies. You may say: ”Hey! What is the deal with WMS Streaming, RTSP Streaming, ShoutCast, IceCast and so on?” You’re right indeed , my Reader, we are going to leave all other Streaming Formats/Technologies/Protocols out…

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Streaming: MPEG-DASH #6

My Voracious Reader, Welcome back to our Blog and our sixth appointment with our Streaming Mini Series; it’s been five Articles since we took off on our journey through the Streaming panorama’s complexity and to be totally frank with you – which we are, we barely scraped the surface. We expect another three Articles –…

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Streaming: Microsoft SmoothStreaming #5

My thirsty Reader, It has been over a month since our last Article on Francesco Altomare – Cloud Architect was posted; during this time, and without fore-warning you, Francesco Altomare has been busier than ever through several international Events and especially, some little craved time off an Internet Connection.  We all disconnect, at some point;…

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