Francesco Altomare
Hasenheide 9
10967 Berlin (Germany)
Mobile: +49 151 65623284

Streaming Consultancy

We have been specializing in Radio Websites and providing Streaming Services for over five years. With increasing knowledge about the options available we can assist you coming up with inexpensive yet powerful Streaming Solutions.

Having worked with and supported all widely used Streaming Technologies, and especially having been there at the world’s largest broadcasting events since World Cup 2010 , we are familiar with common pitfalls and pain points associated with Live and On Demand delivery. As you may know, Streaming companies vary greatly in the packages and costs that they offer, especially depending on the specific Technologies and Technical Requirements.

If you’re new to Streaming delivery, adding multimedia capabilities like Streaming Audio, Archived Audio, Archived Video brings your Website up to new Web 2.0 they are coming to expect, but then again, the Streaming world goes much deeper than just this.

Go through the below checklist and identify which out of the bullet points are in your wishlist, need improvement or are part of your Technical Prerequirements. The below list is by no means an extensive one:

– Video uploading From Any Source
– Multi-channel Upload to match your workflow
– Browser-based Ingestion
– Bulk Upload and FTP Upload
– Desktop Uploader
– Media Uploader & Import Wizard
– Video Transcoding and Processing
– Encoding (1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p)
– H.264 support
– Transcoding Cloud
– Multi Bitrate, Multi Format
– Transcoding Decision Engine
– Use the Transcoder of Your Choice

Content Management
– CMS Integrations
– Preview Thumbnails
– Categories, Playlists and Channel Building
– Organize and Find
– Schedule and Control
– Quick and easy player publishing
– APIs

Players & Styling
– Pre-configured customizable hosted player
– Player Design & Configuration
– Video Sharing: Social and Viral

Mobile Devices
– iPhone/Android compatible output of 360p version
– Supports RTMP, Smooth Streaming and Adobe Dynamic Streaming
– Smart Players simplify mobile video delivery
– Device Detection and Device Support
– Mobile Video Analytics

Live video Streaming
– Live DVR
– HD Video Streaming
– Protect your valuable content
– Bundled CDN Services
– Third-party CDN Sync
– Digital Rights Management
– Encryption & Signing
– Video playback on any device
– Adaptive Bitrate

– Traffic and Region Stats available
– Real Time Reporting
– Understand everything about your audience
– Identify your best content
– Monitor traffic and referrals
– Web Analytics Integration

– Access Control
– Tokenized Expiring CDN URLs
– SWF Verification
– Security-oriented Hosted Platform Deployment

  • Date: Apr 4, 2016