Francesco Altomare
Hasenheide 9
10967 Berlin (Germany)
Mobile: +49 151 65623284

Live Feed

Notes to the Viewer:

– When clicking on the Play Button the Feed will show up as On or Off, depending on whether we are broadcasting Live on the Alpha Channel for us, our Partners and/or our Customers.
– Feel free to interact via our Chat on Youtube  (top right hand corner), we are currently still working on an integrated Chat System.
– Bear in mind Youtube Live Streaming lags 15 seconds on average behind realtime, we’re working on reducing the latency via a more robust Solution; for the time being , please bear some patience if video/audio aren’t as in real time as the Chat (see above).
– Any comment is greatly appreciated!
– Our Stack generally consists of a Teradek VidiU Pro Encoder using a GoPro Hero 4 Silver as HDMI Input, on occasion external microphone or external audio line in, on occasion a XT Power 50000 mAh Powerbank, and an iPad2 as an extra Camera and Live Switcher.
– Connectivity wise from our side, we’d love to always be connected via Cat5 to a glorious uplink, however more often than not all we can rely on is a Shared WiFi or Cellular Connection. We’re exploring Solutions such as Zixi Proprietary Protocol or Teradek Sharelink signal bonding Technology.
– As to the Last Mile, you can see it’s all in Youtube’s hands. We have the ability to stream RTMP anywhere, on occasion we might leverage a CDN, perhaps especially to live troubleshooting purposes.