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DNS Consultancy

DNS Consultancy is offering expert advice to enhance and protect your DNS Infrastructure; any Article having to do with it is categoryzed here.

The China Delivery Case

Everyone here in the West today talks about – or reads about – the impressive economic developments in China, either in a good or bad way, or even both at times. On the one hand China is one of the most attractive destinations for Online (and not only Online) Businesses with its ever growing, though…

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New TLDs from the outer Domain Space

My Dear Reader, It’s been well almost fifty days since the last Post on our Blog; we reckon it must have been shockingly hard for you to survive without our juice-filled, insightful Posts and irony apart, we’re back inbetween two travel trips to delight you further with an excursion on TLDs, or Top Level Domains….

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DNS: HTTP and CDNs #3

My Dear Reader, Welcome back to the third and last Article (for the time being) on our DNS Mini Series; in our Previous Posts “DNS: The Basics #1” and “DNS: Intermediate Aspects #2” we covered an Introduction to DNS as a Protocol and explored some Intermediate Aspects of it, both as pertaining to your DNS…

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DNS: Advanced aspects of DNS #2

Advanced aspects of DNS Welcome back to DNS crash course for intermediate enthusiasts. We have already learnt the basics and it’s time to move on to something more substantial. DNS NameServers If you recall, we had talked about zones which is the domain namespace. The top level domains delegate authority to smaller units which are…

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DNS: The Basics #1

What is DNS and why should you know about it? Imagine that everyone was known by numbers. Our friends will have numbers like 29 or even 118659558. You may even have to call your partner 1100100. It would be a tough world – remembering numbers. Aren’t we fortunate that people have names instead of numbers?…

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