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CDN Consultancy

CDN Consultancy is, in principle, offering expert advice when it comes to choosing the right CDN; any Article having to do with it is categoryzed here.

The China Delivery Case

Everyone here in the West today talks about – or reads about – the impressive economic developments in China, either in a good or bad way, or even both at times. On the one hand China is one of the most attractive destinations for Online (and not only Online) Businesses with its ever growing, though…

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HTTPS for the faint of heart

Welcome back, my HTTPS encrypted Reader, Today we’ll talk about HTTPS, or HTTP Secure, or SSL-applied-to-HTTP ; it’s an overlooked Subject , at least for the carefree average End User, but SSL to HTTP matters a lot, especially where money or relevant information are. We can’t assume what you know about the HTTPS before reading…

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My dear Reader, Let’s cut the crap and start talking about serious optimization matters today, and GZIP as a first-choice topic. Why gzip? Because it matters (amongst the whole rest we’ll discuss in our Blog). You have a Website, which is also most likely your Business, and you may even have some CDN or Cloud…

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