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Francesco Altomare – Cloud Architect’s Blog is where all Articles pertaining to our Technical Operations are; check us out to read the latest news or get some help by asking us questions; we’re glad to help!

Security: A walk in Attack Vectors Park #3

Welcome back my maliciously-targeted Reader, As we continue in our introductory journey through the Cloud Security landscapes; today we’ll go green and have a stroll together through Attack Vectors Park. Unlike our previous appointment with Botnets – largely hitting End Consumers to grow in size and then divert their footprint against a Target – , today’s…

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Security: Botnets, or The Plague Of Cloud Computing #2

Welcome back my plagued-by-Bots-and/or-Botnets Reader, It’s no surprise that you can’t really relate your Google Analytics data with your Server Access Logs and User Interaction KPIs, and it’s no surprise that you have such an inexplicably high Bounce Rate either: most of your traffic doesn’t derive by humans nowadays no more! It was so different back…

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Security: The Basics #1

Welcome back my Security concerned Reader, This is our first and opening Article in the field of Cloud Security: long promised it, more than a year after starting our Blog, we’ve articulated a few chaptered introduction to the world of Security, as applied to Cloud Technologies and Network Topologies. Often times talking about Security today is…

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Streaming: The HLS Version 4 hype, and the whole truth about it #9

Welcome back my Broadcasting Reader, We’ve thought to apply a first Addendum to our Streaming Mini-Series, specifically to HLS as a HTTP chunked Delivery technology; this Article partly supersedes our previous ones on HLS and the difference between HLS and HDS, as well as what we mentioned about MPEG-DASH ‘s intrinsic advantages over HLS. The reasons why we…

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Streaming: Security #8

My arguably cleverer Reader, Welcome back to the last Article of our Streaming Introductory Mini-Series: we set on a hard sail together 5 months ago only to find ourselves back to the Basics, over and over again. Because what is Streaming, my Dear Reader, without Security ? Security is the Zeitgeist (more than ever nowadays) and…

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Yearly Review

My Tenacious Reader, Welcome to our Blog again. Today’s a very short, public facing recap on the past 12 months worth of Articles’ and Francesco Altomare – Cloud Architect’s Operations, so we won’t go into any technical detail for once. We trust the past 12 months of Operations have been fruitful for everybody, including you,…

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Streaming: HTTP Progressive Downloads #7

My Devoted Reader, Welcome back to our 7th and second last appointment with our Streaming Introduction Mini-Series, and the Streaming Technologies. You may say: ”Hey! What is the deal with WMS Streaming, RTSP Streaming, ShoutCast, IceCast and so on?” You’re right indeed , my Reader, we are going to leave all other Streaming Formats/Technologies/Protocols out…

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