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We are a Freelance IT Consultant

Exposed to tens of Cloud Technologies on a daily basis, we consult on all Cloud, and CDN, related Services.
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  • Website Performance: Meet Squid

    Welcome back my advanced caching Reader, Today we’ll present you the Squid. Squid is a very fast caching proxy program. Basically, it acts as an agent, accepting requests from clients (for example, browsers) and directing them to the fitting Internet Server. It keeps a copy of the returned data in an on-disk Cache. The genuine…

  • Website Perfomance: Meet Varnish

    Welcome back my uncompressed delivering Reader, After our journey together through Security notions, today we’re back to explore optimized Delivery in the Web; when we say optimized, we mainly talk about the possibility for End Users to consume as much content of yours as they find interesting, without having to deal with all bottlenecks in the…

We are offering expert consultancy in the CDN (Content Delivery Networks) field, to the effect of slimming up and boosting worldwide delivery for Websites, Applications and/or BroadCasts; our Consultancy would as well cover all Security aspects of them, or even revolve around Security in the first place.


We're also offering web performance optimization consultancy outside of the CDN space, and improving your website delivery speed by fine-tuning other determining settings such as Browser's, Programming Code's or your local Infrastructure's.

Some of the below listed Services may - and do - sound redundant: you will appreciate that these areas are deeply intertwined with each other (i.e. adopting a CDN is an effective way to boost your SEO rankings) and our professional expertise, as such, encompasses them all putting us in a position to objectively let you scale with your audience's happiness.

Until an extensive list of Services will be available, we heartily welcome you to apply and present us with your Project or Challenge: we can best identify our sinergies by getting in touch and screening your targets.

Our initial consultations are pro bono.

Francesco Altomare

After formal University education years spent commuting between Molfetta (Italy), Baden-Württemberg (Germany) and Alsace (France), I earned my BA in Foreign Languages (German,English, French) and moved to Glasgow (Scotland). There I contracted several years for IBM Global Services in a variety of positions, Post-Sales Consulting on HardWare-, SoftWare- as well as back-then first Cloud-based Services' offspring. I meantime got privately certified by CompTIA as A+, Network+ and Security+ Professional, as well as a Cisco Certified Network Associate. After this chapter spent delivering from the land of the thistle, I moved on to Munich, Germany, where I joined worldwide known CDN leader Akamai Technologies, and delivered for several years as a Priority Accounts Post Sales Engineer. This branded me forever. My former Teammates and I delivered and assisted on all Akamai's Cloud Services and got exposed to roughly one third of all worldwide Web Traffic on a daily basis. My professional development path landed me - in time - focusing on all EMEA and Worldwide Streaming's most troubled waters, and I had the occasion to proudly support events such as the World Cup 2010, The Royal Marriage in 2011 or the Olympic Games in 2012, as well as plenty of not-so-minor other ones. I likewise assisted to the surge of Cloud based attacks in the most recent years and thwarted a few from behind the very Akamai trenches, gathering further insight and experience in the Security field whilst hands-on, real time protecting our Clients. Last but not least, my daily activities included optimizing our Named Clients' Cloud footprints, for all of their static and dynamic content (when not in the Streaming and Security field). Covering OSI Layers 3 through 7, I have come across most complex setups back in the day and helped optimize all single Layers and associated Protocols and challenges from a Cloud perspective. Today I live in Berlin and work as a Freelance IT Consultant; I am now exposed to tens of CDNs (and their respective local challenges) on a daily basis as opposed to back in the Munich days, and I consult on all Cloud, and CDN, related Services.Until an extensive list of Services will be available in the Services Section, I heartily welcome you to apply and present me with your Project(s) or Challenge(s): we can best (and only) identify our sinergies by getting in touch and screening your targets.

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